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Happy New Year!! 2015! 4K all the way! I just applied new color correction to my high speed footage. It was shot in 2013 summer with FS700/4K 120fps. What I did this time...added more color to make it vivid. AND! I used 'Neat Video' to denoise. It is so powerful and...

Angénieux Optimo Anamorphic & DRAGON

Here we go! That is one of my best! I used brand new Angénieux Optimo Anamorphic zoom lens. (30mm-72mm, 56mm-152mm) Red EPIC DRAGON has anamorphic mode and can capture 7584x3160!!! Adobe CC handles 7.5K footage with right pix ratio (2.0) so easily. So overwhelming....

5-1-7 Nishi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan 1410031


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