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I had a chance to use ATOMOS Shogun last month though its firmware was still under construction. Well, it did not have recording function…BUT! Shogun has a lot of super features. Especially focus assist function seems so useful with well-sensitive touch screen. We can have dot-by-dot mode and moreover 200% mode for fine focusing. Nice.

IMG_0983 IMG_0996 IMG_1070

I was going to connect it  to SONY FS7 to record 4K Prores…not yet…So I just used as a full HD monitor with RED EPIC DRAGON.

Visibility is great even under strong sun light on site. Really impressive. I just cannot wait for its official release.


There some footage from shooting…recorded in 6K and graded in 4K. I really love 6k/90fps with DRAGON. It is more than anything!


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