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I had a seminar on new 4k camera, SONY PXW-FS7 at SONY Building Ginza, Tokyo.
We did test shoot two month ago with prototype. Here is one uploaded to Youtube.

Seminar was held for two days and ended on high note.
FS7 covers wide range of 4k image. This can capture 4k/60p in XAVC, 10bit intra-frame 4:2:2 codec.
Obviously it is the one we really want to own.

I was sending the message- 4K is not monster anymore. We can handle it with laptop!

IMG_9333With Adobe Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro can run 4k/60p XAVC footage in full resolution!  Awesome!

I will talk about how fantastic this camera is later on with some pics.

IMG_9351 IMG_9357

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